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Los Rus son una civilización europea jugable en Age of Empires IV.


The Rus are highly skilled hunters, adept in the wild. Supported by their battle-ready cavalry, the Rus grow more powerful as they expand to new frontiers through the Ages.

In Age of Empires IV, the Rus civilization tells the story of a fledgling empire caught between powerful opponents over the years 882-1552 CE. Hardened by devastating invasions, political instability, and bitter winters, the Rus were built for survival. Masters of hunting, trade, and wooden construction, they would rebuild their realm as their leaders fought to birth a new empire under Moscow.

Age of Empires IV allows you to experience the Rus civilization through four Ages portraying distinct moments in history: in Age I, traditional Slavic with Norman and Norse influences; in Age II, the Rus’ Golden Age with Byzantine influence; in Age III, the fall of Mongol influence; and in Age IV, the rise of the Muscovy Duchy.


As skilled hunters, playing the Rus means the wilderness is yours to command. They reap key benefits from their surroundings, particularly in gathering resources to build up a strong economy quickly.

Enemies facing the Rus will find it difficult to disrupt their growth. They gain steady incomes of Gold from the Hunting Cabin, which acts as a standard mill, and the unique Bounty score when killing Gaia animals. With the Bounty system, players earn Gold when killing any animal on the map. This contributes to the player’s Bounty total – as it increases, food harvest and Hunting Cabins’ gold rate also increase.

The Rus’ powerful early game defense capabilities make them a commendable foe in early Ages. They have stronger Palisades in place of early access Walls, access to Knights starting in Age II, and Wooden Fortresses — improved Outposts — with unique technologies. Their unique Influence provides them with more Wood when Lumber Camps are built near Wooden Fortresses.

Battle-wise, the Rus are known for their mounted Warrior Monk that can buff surrounding units; and the Streltsy, a powerful gunpowder unit. The Rus civilization’s unique attributes provide a lively challenge to those eager to leverage its advantages.

Bonificaciones de civilización[]

  • Generate Gold and increase bounty when killing animals.
  • Higher bounty provides additional Food income from all sources.
  • Early Knight available in the Feudal Age (II).
  • Stronger Palisades with twice as much hit points.
  • Construct Hunting Cabins - improved Mills that produce Scouts and generate Gold from nearby forests.
  • Construct Wooden Fortresses - improved Outposts with additional hit points and garrison slots.
  • Fishing Boats don't have to return to a dock to drop off Food.

Edificios distintivos[]

Dark Age[]

Feudal Age[]

Castle Age[]

Edificios únicos[]

Tecnologías únicas[]

  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Clinker Construction (Dock)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Cedar Hulls (Dock)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Castle Turret (Wooden Fortress)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Castle Watch (Wooden Fortress)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Mounted Precision (Archery Range)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Double Time (Archery Range)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Boyar's Fortitude (Blacksmith)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Knight Sabers (Stable)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Improved Blessing (Abbey of the Trinity)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Saint's Reach (Abbey of the Trinity)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Blessing Duration (Monastery)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Wandering Town (High Armory)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Siege Crew Training (High Armory)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Fine Tuned Guns (High Armory)
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Banded Arms (High Armory)

Unidades únicas[]

  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Lodya Fishing Boat
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Lodya Transport Ship
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Lodya Trade Ship
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Lodya Attack Ship
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Lodya Demolition Ship
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Warrior Monk
  • Plantilla:AoE4Iconos Streltsy

Desafíos de Maestrías[]

Hunting Grounds[]

Accumulate 50 bounty by hunting Sheep, Deer, or Boar in the Dark Age (I)


Construct 4 Lumber Camp within the range of influence of a Wooden Fortress

Test of Strength I[]

Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Easy A.I.

On The Wild Side[]

Accrue 250 Gold from Hunting Cabins in the Dark Age (I)

Birch Barricades[]

Construct 25 Fortified Palisade Walls with Villagers in the Dark Age (I)

Frontier Trading[]

Use the Golden Gate Landmark to make 5 trades in the Feudal Age (II)

  • Note: This means 5 buys AND 5 sells

Test of Strength II[]

Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Intermediate A.I.

Day and Knight[]

Defeat 15 enemies with Early Knights in the Feudal Age (II)


Defeat 30 enemies with units affected by Saint's Blessing

Mount the Attack[]

Research Boyar's Fortitude and Mounted Precision and then defeat 30 enemies with cavalry

Test of Strength III[]

Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Hard A.I.

Lay Siege[]

Research two upgrades from the High Armory and produce 20 siege engines in the Imperial Age (IV)

Black Powder[]

Research Double Time from the Archery Range and defeat 30 enemies with Streltsy

Ours is the Glory[]

Achieve a Sacred Victory with fully upgraded Warrior Monks

Test of Strength IV[]

Win a 1v1 Custom or Skirmish match against the Hardest A.I.


The Rus' units speak Russian, using a lot of archaic forms (for example present tense of the copula, which has been lost in modern Russian) and words, although sometimes erroneously. The latter is obvious from such words as цель/tsel' (target) and позиция/positisya (position) which were borrowed later of the game's timeframe from Polish and German respectively.



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