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Este artículo trata sobre la civilización de Age of Empires IV. Para la civilización de Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, véase Mongoles (Age of Empires II).

Los Mongoles son una civilización asiática jugable en Age of Empires IV.


The Mongols are an agile civilization, excelling in hit-and-run military strategies and capable of expanding armies rapidly. The Mongols civilization in Age of Empires IV are extremely capable in hit-and-run strategies, thanks to their exceptional mobility and nomadic nature originating in the Great Steppes of Central Asia. You witness the Mongols through the Ages, spanning from 1000-1500 CE, as a disciplined civilization, recognized for changing history in connecting the East to the West. In Age IV, the Mongols are known for their unique structure and are at their most powerful when playing to their strengths in tight groups. They speak Mongolian—the most widely spoken of the Mongolic languages.


The Mongols civilization is a fearsome force. Because of their high mobility, one may not meet them in massive throngs—but even in small numbers, their army can outmaneuver enemies with ease. Their aggressive military production capabilities force the opponent to be on the defensive early. The Mongols are a nomadic civilization with the ability to move their bases. Combined with early access to cavalry units and speed granted from Outposts, the Mongols reign supreme in flanking enemies and retreating quickly before enemies have a chance to catch up. They build up their economy with unique buildings, like the stone-mining Ovoo. The Mongols’ need for resources for their army can trigger a dramatic battle for resources as they pursue total domination.

Unidades únicas[]

The Khan is a unique horse archer unit. His Signal Arrow ability supports and strengthens the Mongol army, making him a fearsome foe. The Mangudai are the star of the Mongols’ fearsome military, a supreme horse archer that excels at hit-and-run tactics.

Edificios únicos[]

  • Ger
  • Ovoo
  • Pasture
  • Monument of The Great Khan (Wonder)

Edificios distintivos[]

Edad Oscura[]

  • Deer Stones
  • Silver Tree

Edad Feudal[]

  • Kurultai
  • Steppe Redoubt

Edad de los Castillos[]

  • The White Stupa
  • Khaganate Palace

Tecnologías únicas[]

  • Superior Mobility (Ovoo)
  • Whistling Arrows (Ovoo)
  • Raid Bounty (Ovoo)
  • Additional Torches (Ovoo)
  • Stone Bounty (Ovoo)
  • Piracy (Dock)
  • Yam Network (Outpost)
  • Stone Commerce (Market)
  • Siha Bow Limbs (Archery Range)
  • Monstatic Shrines (Monastery)
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